Paul Pelletier pencils + Joe Prado inks = Hulk commission magic!

I have been a fan of Paul Pelletier’s art for a long time. Joe Prado is an artist that I have come to appreciate very recently. When pairing the skills of these two artists the result is a great commission! After a long time chasing a commission from Paul, I was able to land the Hulk pictured below last year and it was well worth the wait. I met both Paul and Joe at the Motor City Comic Con last month and knew I had found the right person in Joe to add inks to Paul’s pencils.  I received a scan of the art recently and Joe really knocked it out of the park with the inking job he laid down over Paul’s pencils. This is why I still get commissioned art; the art is amazing and it evokes fond memories of hanging out with Paul and Joe over the weekend of the show. I will surely add more art to my collection from these fine artists/friends. Enjoy!


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1 Response to Paul Pelletier pencils + Joe Prado inks = Hulk commission magic!

  1. GreenScar1990 says:


    I, too, hope to get at least two Hulk commissions from Paul Pelleteir. One of Hulk in his Green Scar gladiator gear from PLANET HULK. And one of Hulk in his Green King armor from WORLD WAR HULK. Both would be superb pieces.

    Now that I think about it, I’d love a Maestro & Skaar commission from Pelletier as well.

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