Paul Pelletier – new artwork scores!

If you aren’t new around here, you know I am a big fan of Paul’s artwork, especially the Hulk. I would love to see him on the title again (Hey Marvel!) but since that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon I will just keep on looking for more artwork. See below for two great examples of Paul’s artwork (and my quickie mash up compilation).

Pelletier Hulk vs Thing
PaulP_Hulk Pelletier Thing

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1 Response to Paul Pelletier – new artwork scores!

  1. Paul Pelletier is definitely a very good artist. He’s actually been around in the comic book biz since the early 1990s, as I recall. He’s worked on quite a few different titles over the years. I actually forgot that Pelletier had drawn the Hulk! Congratulations on obtaining these two nice sketches by him.

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