100th JadeGiant post and a thank-you

I noticed yesterday that JadeGiant.com was nearing the milestone of 100 posts so this thread is nothing more than a thank you to all the visitors of the site. I appreciate the comments and views and look forward to the next 100 posts. Thanks!

JG 100 posts

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4 Responses to 100th JadeGiant post and a thank-you

  1. GreenScar1990 says:

    Congratz, dude!

    Love the fact you used one of Pelletier’s most awesome splash pages for your post. If only we could get him back as the artist on the Hulk. I can always hope. And I’d kill to get, or someone actually commission, a Planet Hulk/World War Hulk pic of the Hulk done by Paul Pelletier. That’d be so freaking epic!

    Anyways, best wishes, dude! 🙂

    • thejadegiant says:

      I couldn’t agree more GS90, Pelletier is an all time great Hulk artist in my book as well. I also agree about the art – my favorite art in the series second only to the 635 cover IMHO.

  2. joefixit2 says:

    Congrats Dave, it is an awesome site! Here’s to another 1,000 posts and more!!!

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