Hulk Fan Spotlight: GammaBro

gammabroI’ve added a new link to the JadeGiant link library for and I highly suggest giving the site a review. Derek is a big Hulk fan from Ireland who has started his site to share the extensive Hulk collection that he has amassed. I really enjoy seeing the images of his collection as I have taken most of my items out of the package – it’s nice to see how they came originally.

I think my favorite aspect of the site is the name. I coined the phrase GammaBro many years ago on another forum to describe those of that share the Hulk obsession. I have heard many of my good friends adopt the term over the years and it is nice to see that it has also made it’s way across the pond to a fellow Hulk fan(atic) in Ireland.

Kind of fitting that we have a GammaBro from the Emerald Isle eh? Go check out today!

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1 Response to Hulk Fan Spotlight: GammaBro

  1. I like that nickname…GammaBro.

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