Comic Shop Reviews – In search of Hulk swag: Main Street Comic & Games

If you are anything like me you know the rush of discovering a comic shop when outside of your normal stomping grounds. I always enjoy scoping out comic shops in the hope of finding something new so I am always on the lookout for a new shop, especially when I am travelling. With the comic shop locator and a smart phone you can almost always find a shop to explore when out and about.

I have been doing this for a long time so I figured that I would start doing quick reviews of the comic shops I visit for fun. Grading will be based on the overall appeal of the shop, staff, product offering, and most importantly, what is the selection of Hulk items in the shop. See below for my first review and the grading scale.

Main Street Comics & Games – Springfield, OH

LCS signI stumbled upon this shop while in Springfield for a soccer tournament over the weekend. I noticed it on the way to a game and decided to make a stop on the way back. I couldn’t recall exactly where I saw it so I did a quick internet search and was able to find the shop. The address on the internet was wrong and listed the shop as being closed on Sunday so I was a little surprised when I found the shop with an OPEN sign in the window.

snap kitsI would describe the shop as being average sized with a quaint feel and a friendly greeting when I entered. They had a few older comics and a wall for videos and games. I am mainly interested in comic related items so there was a good bit of items that didn’t readily appeal to me (there was a strong gaming presence). They did have the Hulk snap model kit which was nice and I would have grabbed it if I don’t already have one. As I was walking out I noticed a white board with an announcement for an upcoming local convention (Champion City Con) which listed the guest of honor as Mark Waid. OK, now that is a pretty cool to find that the current Hulk writer will be doing a show relatively close. I give the shop a 7.5 out of 10 and would likely stop by if I find myself in the area again.

Con sign

Grading scale

10.0 – The best of the best. Great atmosphere, Variety of items, great staff, and of course some great Hulk items. I don’t know if I have found a shop that ranks as a perfect 10. Destination comic shop that you go out of your way to visit.
9.0 – Strong in all areas, no obvious deficiencies. Exceptional in one or more areas. Must have some cool Hulk swag. Make a point to stop here every time you are in the area.
8.0 – Better than average shops with feature(s) that make then stand out from other shops. Definitely worth another visit.
7.0 – The average shop, good service and options. Well maintained and kept up. Worth another visit.
6.0 – Barely better than a 5.0 and has something that might bring you back. Maybe a really good employee or some great deals on back issues, etc. Return visit is questionable.
5.0 – The hanger-on shop that looks to be ready to close. Run down and has obviously seen better days.
1.0 – No redeemable value, waste of time and will never return. I have never found a 1.0 shop and hope I never do.

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2 Responses to Comic Shop Reviews – In search of Hulk swag: Main Street Comic & Games

  1. Hey try to group these somehow if you can. I would like to link your reviews of stores to my site along with ratchets and my own. If you can’t I will just add a link to each post via my stores page. Is your general area of stores going to be located only in Ohio?

    • thejadegiant says:

      Not sure what you mean by grouping but I am game for contributing to your list. I would imagine that most will be from Ohio but I always look for shops when out of the state as well. I was just in SC and walked through a couple shops and wish I had taken some pictures.

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