Hulk Fan Spotlight: Hulk465

Manuel Rohena is a Hulk fan with some serious art talent. Well known in the circle of gammabros where he goes by “Hulk465,” Manuel has shared some of his own artwork of the Hulk. See below for a great story of the Hulk vs Superman that was written and illustrated by Manuel. It’s a great story with great art and accurately depicts what would likely happen (in my most humble opinion) if these two were to slug it out. I have also included some additional images of some of my favorite Hulk drawings by Manuel. Remember to click for larger images. I might have to look Manuel up next time I need an image for a milestone post!

Hulk vs Superman 465 2

Hulk vs Superman 465

Hulk vs Superman 465 4

Hulk vs Superman 465 3

Hulk vs Superman 465 5Hulk vs Superman 465 9

Hulk vs Superman 465 8Hulk vs Superman 465 6 Hulk vs Superman 465 7
Hulk vs Grundy Hulk vs Juggernaut Hulk smash Hulk 200 homage Defenders Hulk vs Subby and Thing

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5 Responses to Hulk Fan Spotlight: Hulk465

  1. Hulk5150 says:

    Hulk465 is a stud! It’s always a pleasure looking at his artwork! He’s a heck of a GammaBro and all-around great guy, too!

  2. hulk465 says:

    @Jade- Thank you for taking the time and effort to post these pics on your site.

    @5150- Thanks for the comments, you made me blush.

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