Another round of Hulk statues coming from Sideshow Collectibles -Multiple Premium Format Hulks?!?!

new SS Hulk PFSideshow is on a serious gamma high in 2013. They have already released the Avengers movie Hulk earlier this year, recently released news of a premium format (PF) Gladiator Hulk, and there is speculation that a World War Hulk may be in the making. Just when you thought we had heard all of their plans for Hulk statues Sideshow just posted a couple images that indicate a new premium format Hulk is on the way. And not just another PF, this one apparently will be a full 1/4 scale statue with up to 5 versions of the Hulk.

SS Hulk heads for new PFThe picture above looks to be a base sculpt that will have 2 red Hulk versions (likely a single statue with a change of heads feature), 2 green versions (2 heads as well), and a grey version. The heads pictures to the left will be used to for these different versions of the Hulk. Personally, I can say that I prefer the 4th (second green) head as it appears to be based on Sal Buscema’s version of the Hulk. Other than the images, there has not been a lot of concrete information shared by Sideshow but all signs point to a 1/4 scale PF with multiple versions based on the different head sculpts. I am curious to see if the body will be exactly the same or if there might be some minor variations to the body. I will post more as news develops on this exciting new statue.

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6 Responses to Another round of Hulk statues coming from Sideshow Collectibles -Multiple Premium Format Hulks?!?!

  1. ratchet says:

    Wait – so is there a switch out head for the statue – except the grey one? I am not a fan of the switch out pieces… but it will be interesting to see what SS is going to do with this one

    • thejadegiant says:

      There is a lot of speculation at this point ratch. SS hasn’t released a lot of info outside of the images. It sounds pretty clear that the statue will be a ¼ scale PF (some insiders are saying so at least). Most people (myself included) are assuming that the red and green versions will have switch out heads and that the grey will not. If so, I will be most interested in the green version(s) and possibly the grey. I have a red Hulk statue (koto) already and really like it so no need to buy another for me. My biggest question at this point is whether or not the different statues (red/grey/green) will all have the exact same base sculpt or if there will be some minor variances. For example, will the green have the same veining? We know that adding veins was not popular back in the Kirby/Buscema, etc. era so I am curious if that will be toned down or not. Still too early to make a decision so I guess it will be a wait and see approach.

      So what did you think of the Sal podcast? Great stuff eh?

  2. hulk465 says:

    While this is cool ( I will be getting the green one with open mouth) I wish Hot Toys would do Hulk 03 and Inc Hulk 08 film figs like the Avengers Hulk that I’m still waiting for. Hot Toys have like 10 Ironman figs already and have even made a SuckerPunch girl fig (which no body wants) , yet NO Hulk figs….man where’s the love?????

    BTW …..I got your email and I’ll send ya more stuff when I have the time.

    • thejadegiant says:

      Sounds good 465 – can’t wait to see what else you have to share.

      You make a great point about the Hulk figures. Personally, I thought the price tag on the movie hot toys action figure was too high for me, I do admit that the idea of having complementary figures from all 3 movies would be an enticing option. My guess is that HT doesn’t see producing figures from older movies as being profitable (or maybe just not as profitable as other projects on the agenda). HT does love Iron Man, agreed ….

  3. john says:

    I see myself buying just the green version unless the grey is Mr fixit.

    • thejadegiant says:

      Fixit would be awesome but I am not sure we are going to see very much difference (if any) in the base sculpts on these. I am leaning green myself and curious about the grey.

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