Hulk sketch from local Not-at-Comic-Con Event

20130720_135407I took my daughter to my local comic shop Packrat Comics for their annual Not-at-Comic-Con event where I picked up this nice Hulk sketch drawn by Joel Jackson (pictured left doing his best/worst Hulk Smash face) from 2 Headed Monster Comics. This year the event featured Margot Kidder (Lois Lane from the original Superman movies) so I had to make sure to get a picture with her and my daughter. Margot was really nice to my daughter – quite a nice lady. It was a great few hours and we had a lot of fun, picked up a few free comics, got some sketches, and watched some drawing events. My daughter picked up a Superman sketch from Joel that came out really nice as well.

OK, so this post was more about the Not-at-Comic-Con event and a Superman movie actress/guest but what can I say, this is a Hulk web site so I had to lead with the Hulk sketch. Right?

20130720_131147  20130720_133037  20130720_131626   20130720_141526

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