Hulk Through the Ages Minimates Box Set


I picked this set up recently after seeing Steve over at post his recently acquired set. I didn’t realize these were out so I made a trip to a local comic shop and snapped up their last set. HulkThroughTheAgesPkg1-1-281x499

The set includes Maestro, Joe Fixit, Compound Hulk, and Barbarian Hulk. The Fixit and Maestro come with change out features for clothing and the Maestro even has a display for the fallen heroes Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. This set is really nicely done and I hope it leads to more similar Hulk sets for the future.

I also included some pictures of the characters with some action figures for fun and a shot of the minimates shelf. Click the thumbnails below for larger images. I highly recommend this set!

20130704_223211 20130704_222946 20130704_222712 20130704_223503


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3 Responses to Hulk Through the Ages Minimates Box Set

  1. greengorilla3000 says:

    I am seriously considering getting this set as well. Are you aware of the mini-mates set which includes Hulk (Nul) and Juggernaut from the Fear Itself series? I have those guys and they are pretty sweet.

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