Sideshow Hulk Planet Hulk 1/4 scale PF statue pictures released and they look AWESOME!

Sideshow planet Hulk 2A 1/4 scale Planet Hulk Premium Format statue from Sideshow Collectibles has been rumored for years – so long that many have long wondered if it was ever going to actually happen. Well, the rumors were confirmed when Sideshow released a couple sneak peek images today. The only questions that remain are: how much will it cost? when will it be released? and what is the edition size? I think Sideshow hit a home run with this one and will be well worth the wait. Just look at the size of this statue – the green scar looks angry and ready to smash!

Sideshow planet Hulk

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15 Responses to Sideshow Hulk Planet Hulk 1/4 scale PF statue pictures released and they look AWESOME!

  1. Pat says:

    Nice but you should have seen the sculpt of Carlo that I was pitching to Bowen and Sideshow. Both had no replies to my proposal for them to use the design as they probably had these in the works back then and didn’t want to be accused of copying from an unsolicited work. Still trying to convince Carlo to allow me to print one for my collection

  2. Paul says:

    WOW!!! Can’t wait to hear what the price will be. Probably out of my budget but you never know.

  3. ratchet says:

    I hope the price is reasonable too – but this is SS we’re talking about…

  4. GreenScar1990 says:

    Now this is Hulk in armor!

    Awesomeness and epicness incarnate!

    Take that, Mark Waid and Marvel!


  5. john says:

    Looks great… easy buy for me.

  6. thejadegiant says:

    I couldn’t agree more about this looking great. I will, however, hold on the buying decision until we see how things unfold. If the price is too high, I will not buy this even with how much I want one. I agree with all the concerns I am reading that SS might get overly aggressive on pricing this due to the way the early pictures are being received.
    I was able to pick up the Avengers Hulk that was recently released but that was only due to someone wanting to trade it to me for something I was looking to get rid of. If that opportunity had not arisen, I would not have paid the steep price tag. Sideshow is teetering on the edge of losing my collecting dollars and they may price me out of the market if prices continue to rise.

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  8. Draven Lee says:

    It would be great to see a bust and statue of David Banner (Bill Bixby and the hulk (Lou Ferrigno) from the tv series All you ever see is the comic:Marvel hulk. In my opinion the tv series was way way better than any movie done even for its time it stands above the hulk movies. I’m guessing because they are based on the comic unlike the tv series which was better. I wish someone would do something in terms of busts and statues. It has been too long already. Come on guys get it together!!!!

    • thejadegiant says:

      To me, the definitive version of the Hulk will always be the one represented in the comics. More specifically, it is the Hulk as illustrated by Sal Buscema in the 70’s and 80’s as that was my first introduction to the character and the one that resonates most with me. That being said, I totally agree that the TV series Hulk is drastically under-represented in 3D form. We need action figures, statues, etc. from this series in a big way. I think that licensing plays a big part in these characters not being done to date. I have heard of some issues with a couple Lou Ferrigno Hulk sculpts that were done but never made it into licensed production run. I would definitely buy TV based items if they were done up in a manner that faithfully represented the show and the characters. Bring it on!

  9. Draven Lee says:

    I agree with you but personally the tv series was always my fave. I did find some pics online of a statue and it looked great but it was cancelled and a lot of people had pre ordered it. As you said licensing and who own the rights plus Lou’s image being used. That was why it was cancelled. One day i hope something is done!

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