Hulk Armor – apparently it’s here to stay for a while, with more armors coming


Hulk armor has been a signature look for the Hulk in the newest reboot of the Hulk comic book, The Indestructible Hulk. Marvel has decided to continue the armor theme and will introduce more armors in upcoming issues. The new armors have a similar look to the armor in the series to date with more additions, including a new arc-reactor-looking center chest feature. Interestingly enough, the article concedes that the armor takes it cues from the newest Iron Man armor, with the designer Mukesh Singh saying “Iron Man’s various suits have become the defining Marvel technology look that seems to permeate throughout the Marvel universe. I wanted to retain that feel.” I was personally hoping that the armor would be written out of the story but it looks like Marvel has more plans. I can see where they are taking the story but, in general, I prefer to see the Hulk in a more traditional look. I enjoyed the Planet Hulk and Maestro armors so I am willing to see where it goes but I hope this is not a part of the story for long term.   Click here for the full article and click the images below for larger images of the armor concepts.

detail0 detail detail2 detail3

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7 Responses to Hulk Armor – apparently it’s here to stay for a while, with more armors coming

  1. Paul says:

    So far I don’t see any point to the armor. I’m enjoying the new direction. But wow they are taking their time getting it rolling. And the little robot that follows Hulk hasn’t turned out to be that big a deal so far.

    • thejadegiant says:

      So far it appears to be more for Banner’s safety/protection than anything Hulk needs it for. It is also designed for some time travel according to the article. I am with you though, waiting for the story to take a turn that explains a few things, and yeah … the robot is a question mark for me as well.

  2. joefixit2 says:

    It was kinda neat when I first saw it but I don’t see the purpose of it now. It seems to add nothing to the story. Time to kick the armor to the curb.

    • thejadegiant says:

      Sadly, I think I am inclined to agree. These stories have been interesting enough but slow in developing. I think it is time to retire the armor or make it more integral to the story line. Drop the armor, give Hulk a few more lines and quit trying to make him look like Banner in the face.

  3. GreenScar1990 says:

    I can take or leave the armor. It looks cool, but it doesn’t serve any real purpose than protecting Banner. Now if it had more Bannertech in it- energy absorption shields (For the Hulk’s gamma energy which can be unleashed in powerful blasts and perhaps contain his World-Breaker energies if they get too extreme. Could also be used to absorb energy blasts from enemies and redirect them.), teleportation, rocket jets for space travel, etc.- then I could see it being useful to the Hulk.

    Personality wise, it’s time for Hulk to go back to Greg Pak’s Gravage/Green Scar persona. I’m sick of Mark Waid ignoring Hulk/Banner’s history and character development. In fact, to be honest, this series has been very ‘Meh’ to me and a lot of fans. Why would Banner/Hulk want to work with/for SHIELD, who were just as responsible for shooting him off the planet as the Illuminati?! It doesn’t make sense! Why not use Olympus Group or the Pantheon to fund Banner’s research? At least then there’d be a connection! If Indestructible Hulk had the scale and awesomeness of titles like Jason Aaron’s Thor: God of Thunder or Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers & New Avengers, then I wouldn’t be as underwhelmed as I am right now. Don’t get me wrong, its still light years better than Bruce Jones or Jason Aaron’s garbage that was forced down our throats, but that isn’t stating that it’s an awesome title like it could be.

    I’m really trying to like Mark Waid’s run, but it hasn’t really hooked me at all. I was expecting something bigger and more epic in scale, yet we’re 9 issues in and there really hasn’t been anything awe-inspiring at all. That could change, but I won’t hold my breath. The Hulk isn’t himself, it’s mostly all about Banner, there hasn’t been any great/awesome feats of power, the stories are good but could be a lot better, and would it kill them to at least acknowledge Hulk/Banner’s rich history?! Heck, bring in former SHIELD agent/love interest Kate Waynesboro!

    I know that I’m not the only Hulk fan who feels this way. To be equally honest, there’s a lot of Hulk fans who are not very fond of Waid’s run thus far. And while I’m trying to be indifferent, I’m starting to agree more and more with my fellow fans regarding the series. It just isn’t doing the Green Goliath justice, considering he’s merely a tool/weapon in the series and nothing more. At this point, Waid might as well name the title ‘Indestructible Banner’ or ‘The Brilliant Physicist and his One-Dimensional, Snarling, Monstrous Alter-Ego’.

    I’m giving Mark Waid up until Indestructible Hulk 11. I can only hope that his explanation regarding the Hulk is very, very, very good. That’s what it’ll take to change my mind. I mean, c’mon! Throw us fans a few bones! Give us Hulk doing some extreme/cool feats of power and strength; give us a conversation between Hulk & Banner within their mind; give us some internal monologue; give us some powerful villains. But, judging from the preview of Hulk fighting a T-Rex and running alongside heroic cowboys, it doesn’t look as if we’ll get our wish.

    We’d like High Evolutionary, but instead Waid gives us Mad Thinker. We want Tutinax and the Deviants, Waid gives us Attuma and his forces with a mystical sea monster. We want Mangog, instead Waid gives us Frost Giants (and not the ones from JMS’ Thor run that were cool). That’s another major problem I’m having with this run. Of all the threats, none have really challenged the Hulk. There’s no elite powerhouses or some powerful cosmic bad guys. Nothing. If I was working on a title like ‘Indestructible Hulk’, I’d be proving it and showing how powerful and formidable Hulk truly is. That goes for any powerhouse, whether it be Thor or Superman or some other Marvel or DC hero. I’d provide formidable challenges along with great storylines. Hopefully, after Hickman’s Infinity event, maybe we can add Thanos’ five generals as potential foes for Banner/Hulk. I mean, there isn’t a Hulk fan here who wouldn’t like Hulk taking on the likes of Black Dwarf or Corvus Glaive. And it would be cool if Hulk, in the upcoming time-travel arc, holds together all the universes in existence together with nothing but his bare hands and pure power. But will it happen?

    We’ll see. But like I said, I won’t hold my breath.

    The combination of everything I stated above is why I haven’t been enjoying the title as much as I would like to be. Your thoughts?

    • thejadegiant says:

      Am I enjoying the series as much as I would like to? Probably not because it is not one of the more epic story lines in Hulk canon. That being said, I know that all Hulk stories aren’t going to blow me away. For me, I still have the awful Aaron story line taste in my mouth which makes this more palatable. I feel that the Waid story to date has some real potential to “break out” (story and armor) and move in the right direction based on some of the foundation that have started. I would like to see him do something with the Banner scientists, explain the armor more, explain why is Hulk silent, etc. All of these plot lines could be explored in interesting ways IMO. Hopefully, there are plans to amp up the story as it does feel like it is beginning to meander somewhat. They have thrown 3 artists at the story which has kept it interesting visually, now they just need to develop the story even more. It looks like the armor is here until at least issue 14 based on the article – hopefully we will be having a different conversation in the next few months. Trust me, it is hard to be patient as I never really cared for the armor concept (I was pretty bummed when the first pics were sneaked) but I am trying to stay the course and give Waid at least a year to see what he has planned as part of the big picture. If he doesn’t have more plans than what we have seen, I would expect that he will be gone next year anyway and then it is time to hold our breath again to see what’s up next.

  4. nld33 says:

    I’m not a big fan but of armor. I’ll go with it if it serves the current stories. I hope the Hulk will continue to have durable pants/shorts since he’s not on the run. I wouldn’t even mind a uniform like the current Ultimate Hulk but with Shield logo on it.

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