Tim Sale Hulk Commission – Determination Pays Off! (With Video and Pictures)

Tim Sale WIP Heroes con 2013 copyFor me, hunting a Tim Sale commission has been like hunting for a Yeti. Not because Tim looks like a Sasquatch or anything, it’s just that every show I have attended over the years is one where Tim is either a) not set up at or b) has had to cancel close to the time of the show. I was beginning to wonder is Tim was real or just a story concocted by all my friends with this wonderful ink-wash artwork. This was the case last year when I attended Heroes con for the first time; Tim was on the guest list and was my number one target but in the final days before the show he was announced as a cancellation.

Time Sale HulkUndeterred, Tim was my top goal once again at this year’s Heroes Con and thanks to an early arrival at the show I was able to secure a spot on his commission list. I pitched the idea of Tim doing his take on my Bob Larkin themed collection and he jumped on the idea. He doesn’t always accept out-of-the-ordinary ideas so I was thrilled when he said he would do it. I knew he would do a great job on the commission … my show was already a success midway through the first day! I knew I would love the artwork but I have to say that I was surprised when watching Tim work on the piece. He is a master with the brush and inks and watching him work was a blast. I thought to myself at least 3 times that he had ruined the piece when he would liberally apply heavy doses of ink and/or water … only for him to move it around or dab it up with a paper towel, exposing that he knew what he was doing (and that I do not).Watching Tim work is a treat that I highly recommend for anyone attending a show where Tim is set up, even if you don’t end up getting a commission.

Attached below is a 5 minute clip of Tim working on the piece – watch carefully at about the 4 minute mark for an example of Tim applying heavy water/ink in the mouth of the Hulk – really cool stuff! Also pictured below are some thumbnails (click for large viewing) WIP shots and one happy collector with his newly acquired con treasure.

Big thanks to Tim Sale and the folks at Essential Sequential for a great experience and piece of artwork!

Tim Sale WIP Heroes con 2013Tim Sale Hulk WIPTim Sale Hulk WIP 2Tim Sale Hulk final

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3 Responses to Tim Sale Hulk Commission – Determination Pays Off! (With Video and Pictures)

  1. Pat says:


  2. joefixit2 says:

    When I saw the point where he had just done the eyes, I knew this was going to be an amazing piece of artwork! Grail worthy for sure!

  3. Brawny says:

    Very cool video! The unfinished pic with just the eyes done looks great…the finished piece is amazing! I thought he goofed too at the four minute mark 🙂

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