Hulk Artist Tom Fowler Draws a Great Transformation Commission at Heroes Con 2013

hulk-season-1_cover-artWhen attending a convention, I always like to look up artists that have drawn the Hulk in a comic at some point in their career. I was glad to see Tom Fowler  listed on the Heroes con 2013  guest list. I really enjoyed Tom’s take on the Hulk when he did the art for the Hulk Season One graphic novel (pictured right) so I had to make him an early stop during my con agenda. Tom was really fun to talk to and I was fortunate to get on his commission list for the con before he closed it up (shortly after my request). I had a few commission ideas floating around but I was really hoping he would choose to do a transformation piece. He said yes almost immediately when I pitched the concept and asked if he could just run with the idea. I said yes just as fast and the deal was done. I had originally asked for a black and white piece but he forgot and added color to my surprise. Very happy with the result on this piece! Tom’s a great artist and a fun guy to talk to at a show – highly recommended if you go to a show where he is in attendance. Click thumbnails below for large images.

Tom Fowler Hulk Heroes con 2013 Tom Fowler Hulk at Heroes con 2013

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9 Responses to Hulk Artist Tom Fowler Draws a Great Transformation Commission at Heroes Con 2013

  1. Brawny says:

    freaky looking …very cool!

    • thejadegiant says:

      Yep, Tom appreciated have full creative license on this one which made him feel free to go to town on the concept. I think he was a bit surprised when I said to do his thing as he said he loves it when collectors don’t give any “art direction” … he went on to say that “art direction costs more” which made me laugh.

  2. pat says:

    congratulations, JG. great transformation piece. wish i had access to US cons like you guys. love these con commissions

    • thejadegiant says:

      Thanks Pat – no good cons your way?

      • pat says:

        Unfortunately, we don’t get foreign artists that often in local cons. We been fortunate to have some stores sponsor David Finch and Mark Millar but no cons that give us opportunities that you guys get. And now US cons fly in Filipino artists and I have noticed that they aren’t as excited to draw for local fans as before since we pay in Pesos vs. USD in other countries LOL. I tend to buy my sketches via ebay. Hoping to go to a con like NYCC or Heroes next year (something that is not as frantic as SDCC) as I want to cherish interactions and watching commissions. Thanks for sharing your pieces as it gives me a sense of what the cons are like

  3. Chris says:

    The Qwertee shirt of the day is Hulk inspired Hulk Chest inside a torn shirt.

  4. thejadegiant says:

    Bummer about the cons Pat – at least you do have the internet … this hobby would be infinitely more difficult without that as an option.

    Not sure about the shirts – didn’t even look that deeply into them yet

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