Heroes Con: The Greatest Show on Earth!

HEroes logoI made my way down to Heroes con (Charlotte, North Carolina) this past weekend and had an absolute blast. This was my second time to the show and I have to say that this is the best show on the map in my opinion. If you love comics, you may have the same opinion as the show is focused on just that: comics and everything about them. I have made the rounds to Chicago and New York a few times for conventions and while they were enjoyable, they don’t quite measure up to Heroes Con. Heroes doesn’t have movie and TV media guests that don’t really have anything to do with comics, which is a nice change of pace from of the larger shows.The show also has a huge focus on comic artists which is the best aspect of the show for me. They are able to draw A-list artists without the crazy SDCC/NYCC zoo-type atmosphere. What results is a show where the artists are more comfortable and actually have the time to talk and interact with their fans. You get a rare glimpse into the artists as people – this is something that you rarely get to see at the larger shows. The show is also a success story for the small business man. Started 31 years ago by local comic shop owner Shelton Drum, Heroes grows every year in size while maintaining the feel of a local family type atmosphere. The show is located in beautiful downtown Charlotte at the convention center and has great hotel and eating options – all within walking distance. The con also boasts the best live art auction on Saturday night of the show. I was also lucky enough to get to spend some time hanging out with my good friend Steve – what’s better than a weekend of Hulk talk with a fellow gammabro? Steve runs his own Hulk site and posted a great interview from the show with the new Hulk artist Matteo Scalera – check it out at www.incrediblehulk.me

Can you tell that I am a fan of the show? I was not compensated for this endorsement J

Look for more updates soon on some really great acquisitions that I was able to pick up at the show, including art from Tim Sale, Tom Fowler, and Tom Raney!

Heroes con 2014Heroes con 2014 is scheduled for June 20-22 – make your plans today!

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3 Responses to Heroes Con: The Greatest Show on Earth!

  1. joefixit2 says:

    It was awesome as ever Dave hanging with you at the con! Two years going and you have had amazing years both times. It is the best comic book convention!

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