Hulk vs Batman: who ya got?

Hulk vs Batman short videoI found this fan short by Fred Reyes recently and thought it definitely worth sharing. This is a really well done and fun take on the fan boy argument between Hulk and Batman fans. It’s Marvel vs DC – who will win? Brute strength or vast intellect? Does Hulk’s exponential anger factor win over Batman’s prodigious planning? I think we all know how this one would end. 50 gamma points for the first person to correctly identify the source for the Hulk vs Batman scene (this one is too easy). Bat juice anyone?

Click here to check out more of Fred’s shorts (that just sounds funny) and bookmark him for more future installments, including more Hulk features.

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2 Responses to Hulk vs Batman: who ya got?

  1. Hulk5150 says:

    This might be the greatest video ever. 🙂
    And do I get my 50 Gamma Points for knowing it was taken from The Avengers? 🙂
    I figure if Hulk can take out Loki (a god with all kinds of mystical powers that can lift 50 tons), he can do the same to Batman (who has zero superhuman powers) in less time. 🙂

  2. thejadegiant says:

    Yes, 50 gamma points for you fiddy!

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