Chris Stevens Hulk Transformation Painting: This one is Incredible!

Hulk transformation Chris StevensI recently blogged about a great Hulk variant cover by Chris Stevens. I am a huge fan of Chris and his artwork. He is a great guy and and unbelievably talented artist that excels at every medium he tackles. I have commissioned Chris 4 times over the last 5-6 years and am blown away every time he completes a piece for me. His latest piece is a painting that depicts an amazing transformation scene of the Hulk. I am at a loss for words to describe how great this piece looks in person. Chris put a ton of work into the painting and I am very humbly grateful to be able to add this to my collection. Please take a look at the 4 commissions I have picked up from Chris in the thumbnails below (click for larger image) over the years. If you like his art, please click here to view his web site with lots more of his artwork. I promise it is worth a click and you will enjoy viewing his gallery of artwork.

PlanetHulklarge  Hulkwithgunsfinalsmall-2  Hulk big classic final small-1  Hulk transformation Chris Stevens

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6 Responses to Chris Stevens Hulk Transformation Painting: This one is Incredible!

  1. Brawny says:

    What a fantastic Stevens collection!

  2. joefixit2 says:

    Each piece just got more awesome than the previous and the latest is a highlight!

  3. thejadegiant says:

    Thanks John, Steve! Chris is truly an amazing talent!

  4. Gary M. says:

    Makes me want to rush out and sign up for a commission right now. I’d be a little antsy thinking about the price, but it’d have to be worth it…

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