New images of the Kotobukiya Hulk statue!

Just a quick update on the Koto Hulk. Nothing new in the way of news (click here for the latest news on the statue) but some really great pictures have been posted that are worthy of a look. Click thumbnails below for viewing and enjoy!

FIG-KAI-5174_15 FIG-KAI-5174_14 FIG-KAI-5174_13  FIG-KAI-5174_11 

FIG-KAI-5174_09 FIG-KAI-5174_08 FIG-KAI-5174_07 FIG-KAI-5174_06 FIG-KAI-5174_05

FIG-KAI-5174_04 FIG-KAI-5174_03 FIG-KAI-5174_02 FIG-KAI-5174_01

FIG-KAI-5174_10 FIG-KAI-5174_12 FIG-KAI-5174_16

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