One-of-a-Kind items from the Hulk collection

Pictured here are a few items from the smalls display in the Hulk room. Jeff asked about a couple of items so I snapped a few pictures below – sorry for the delay in getting these up.

First up is a Hulk Smash fist. I picked this up while on vacation a few years ago. The fist is a wax cast of my actual fist that I had made at Ripley’s Wax Museum. It was a really fun process and of course, I had to get it made in green and purple. What else?! Click images for larger viewing.

DSC00269     DSC00267     DSC00268

Next up is another one of a kind item. This is a Hulk bust created many years ago by a sculptor that goes by “ABE.” He made these on a fairly regular basis about 5-10 years ago but I haven’t seen anything new from him in a while. The bust came with the base chipped off, exposing the tan color of the molding clay. The picture with the second bust is another that was done by the same sculptor. I have had these for quite a long time.

DSC00265  DSC00266

Click images for larger viewing.

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2 Responses to One-of-a-Kind items from the Hulk collection

  1. Jeff says:

    Cool, thanks! I remember ABE’s mini busts from ebay. I had bid on a few, but never got one.

    • thejadegiant says:

      Yep, that is the same guy. He used to sculpt a lot of busts and sold them all via eBay from what I recall. There was a time that I was pretty into this type of thing but not so much any more.

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