Planet Hulk Movie Not in the Picture According to Joss Whedon

It looks like it is official that Marvel will not be adapting the extremely popular Planet Hulk story to the big screen. There were rampant rumors last month from a credible (as I am told) source that indicated Avengers 2 would end with Hulk being sent into space by a movie version of the Illuminati. joss-whedon

According to the rumor, Avengers 2 was to have been followed up with the next Hulk movie which would be full scale movie version of the Planet Hulk story. Avengers 3 would have subsequently been the World War Hulk story line. Hulk fans everywhere were salivating at this possibility while wondering if it could possibly be true. In a recent IGN article, Joss Whedon confirmed that this rumor is “nonsense” and that we won’t be seeing Planet Hulk on the big screen after all. I know I am late to the party on this news but I have been holding back the hope that there might be a sliver of truth in the rumor. I guess it is time to move on … or is it? Marvel is known to be tight-lipped and deny rumors before – maybe there is some hope after all!

Still hanging on –JG's sig

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