Interesting Behind the Scenes Video and Info from the Avengers Movie

The recent news of the Avengers Hulk Maquette coming out got me thinking about the movie again so I went looking for something online and stumbled upon a great article from that contain some interesting facts about the movie, including a really cool short video (highly recommend watching in fullscreen/HD).

A few quotes and images from the article below:


They studied the corners of Mark Ruffalo’s eyeballs
They captured Ruffalo “right down to the pore level,” says White. “We did a cast of his teeth.” They shot the corners of his eyeballs, so they could spread his eyes. They took a ton of images of the inside of his gums, and the space between his fingers. They studied his fingerprints. They captured every aspect of Ruffalo’s stubble, and even every little ingrown hair. And every mole. They recorded the inside of Ruffalo’s armpits. “The Hulk has a couple of scars that are straight from the source,” says Jason Smith.

They also did a ton of photoreference. According to Smith, they had days when they were just focusing on the Hulk’s eyebrows, and a week where “everybody was just doing Google image searches on teeth — and don’t do that.” They were wondering, “What color would Hulk’s tongue be: red or green?” And what are the Hulk’s fingernails like?”


They chose not to make the Hulk look super buff, on purpose.
Previous movie versions of the Hulk looked really cut, with really sharply defined muscles. Like, the Edward Norton Hulk was “always kind of flexed” whenever he appeared, says Chu. But for this version of the Hulk, Whedon wanted more of a “wrestler physique,” says Smith. So when they were modeling his body, they made him softer around the shoulders and stomach — so when the Hulk really goes berserk, he’s got someplace to go, physically. His veins can pop out and his muscles can flex more when he’s jumping around smashing aliens, than the rest of the time.”



When Hulk punches Thor, that was one of the hardest shots to get right.
That sequence took from the first day of the process until the very end, says White. It’s one long continuous shot of the two of them working together, ending with Hulk punching Thor. For the actual punch, they put Chris Hemsworth in front of a bluescreen standing on top of a real section of a downed Leviathan that they built. And they attached Hemsworth to a cable pull that they retimed, so he could look like he was knocked sidewise. They cut a few frames out of the footage, so it looks like Hulk’s punch has “instant impact,” says White.”

I am extremely happy they put all the work into the Hulk that they did as it really came out great on the big screen. I loved the second Hulk movie but did feel he was always in a flexed pose – the Avengers take looks much more ‘realistic’ for what you would expect the Hulk to look like (at least to my taste). All the effort put into the scene where Hulk punches Thor was well worth it … it brought the house down each time I saw the movie in the theater.  Hopefully they will keep up this level of detail and more in future installments of the Avengers and Hulk movies.

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4 Responses to Interesting Behind the Scenes Video and Info from the Avengers Movie

  1. Patrick Carlos says:

    Hey JG. Thanks for this post. Interesting insights to the work they did. On a Hulk-related note, where did you find the Hulk indicia (is that how you call it) that’s part of your site’s wall paper? The one with the “Still Only 39 cents” Thanks!

  2. thejadegiant says:

    Hey Pat, good to see you. I made the corner image by combining a few different things I found on the web. Thanks!

    • Patrick Carlos says:

      Thanks JG. Trying to collect the corner images of my 70s/80s fave comics 🙂

      • thejadegiant says:

        No problem Pat. That one is not completely comic accurate as I combined features of some of my favorite corner box imagery into a composite image. I am working on something you might like in this regard so stay tuned for future updates!

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