Hulkbuster Armor in Iron Man 3?


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Will Tony Stark’s arsenal of Iron Man armors include a suit designed to go head to head with the Hulk in the third Iron Man movie? A recent picture posted on the Unleash the Fanboy website seems to indicate that the newest installment of the Iron Man movies will include a Hulkbuster suit for Tony.

Picture 1Is this a setup for an Iron Man vs Hulk battle scene? If so, does this lend credence to the recent rumor that the end of the next Avengers will see Hulk sent off into space as a setup for a Planet Hulk themed Hulk movie?

I am not sure that this is really Hulkbuster armor. The design looks ill-suited (see what I did there?) to take on the Hulk. Tony’s helmet sticks out in a manner that will likely end up getting the piñata treatment from the Hulk. This armor doesn’t have the bulk needed to withstand the punishment that Hulk would surely dole out on Tony.

Check out the full article at UTF and form your own opinion. I am very hopeful for the Planet Hulk scenario and would like to think that this might be an early indicator that there is some truth there. What do you think, is this just hype or is there hope?

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4 Responses to Hulkbuster Armor in Iron Man 3?

  1. ratchet says:

    Looks sort of like standing up “Turtle Iron Man”

  2. Jeff says:

    Based on the body posture, it almost more like a suit of armor FOR the Hulk.

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