New Art Day! Cory Hamscher draws an “incredible” Hulk! Commission opportunity!

cropped Hamscher hulkI usually wait until new art arrives to post but this one just couldn’t wait. This commission was done by my friend Cory Hamscher. Cory really knocked this one out of the park and I am very happy with the final result. Cory is a great guy who added quick sketches in the sketchbooks of two of my children during the Mid Ohio Comic Con 2012 last year. My son already had a great sketch from Cory at the show but asked again for another. Not knowing he was going to ask, I told him that Cory had already drawn for him and that he had art to draw for other people (my son is a bit young to grasp the concept of not taking advantage of someone’s kindness) but Cory interrupted and said he would be happy to draw again. That’s the kind of guy Cory is and one of the reasons his table is a favorite stop at the annual MOCC show. Toward the end of the show, I asked Cory about doing a commission and this piece is the result of that conversation.

Click to open full view

Click to open full view

Cory is an accomplished artist with exhaustive credits as both a penciler and inker. 100 gamma points to the first person to provide reference to any comics that Cory has worked on the Hulk. Double points if you can do it without searching (honor system of course).

Cory is actively accepting commission work and would love to hear from you if you are interested in having him draw for you. His contact info is below where you can discuss his terms, timelines, and any other questions you may have. Tell Cory I sent you his way if you end up contacting him!

Below is a recent commission Cory completed of Hulk vs Spiderman. Cory has been doing a lot of comic cover commissions lately.

Click to open full view

Click to open full view

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3 Responses to New Art Day! Cory Hamscher draws an “incredible” Hulk! Commission opportunity!

  1. Brawny says:

    great action pose!

  2. Awesome and gorgeous technique!

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