Ed McGuinness packaging artwork for Hasbro Marvel Universe action figure

Marvel Universe Hulk McG2copy

Ed McGuinness is one of my all time favorite Hulk artists. That says a lot as there have been quite a few great artists to draw the Hulk over the years. Ed’s Hulk hearkens back to the bronze era and you can see the influence in his work of his favorite Hulk artist, John Buscema. Ed’s Hulk is massive, muscles are large and rounded, and the face has that classic look that John Romita and the Buscema (John and Sal) brothers made so famous many years ago. Ed’s art doesn’t usually stay on the market long and this piece was no exception. My good friend Jason scooped this up so quickly when it was initially offered for sale last year that I didn’t even see it posted before it was already gone. I told him to let me know if he ever decided to move it and he gave me first crack when he decided to sell. Sold! Getting this as a piece of art used for one of my favorite Hulk action figures was a win-win scenario. I feel very lucky to have this great piece of artwork.

ed mcguinness packaging art

Pencils and inks by Ed!

Marvel Universe Hulk McG2

Art and packaging

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