Paul Pelletier, where are you? If you are listening Marvel, bring Paul back to the Hulk!


I really miss Paul Pelletier’s Hulk. With all the “big” name artists that have come along to draw the Hulk since Paul left the book, none of the art since his run stand up to what he did on the series before they ended the issues at number 635.

His cover to 635 with the Hulk smashing Banner’s glasses is definitive Hulk in my book. A good friend was able to pick this cover up, much to my chagrin. Alas, if I was not to have it, it could not have gone to a better home. Click here to see where the cover landed. Make sure to stroll around his site while you are there, it’s one of the nicest Hulk sites going.

Although I missed on the cover to issue 635, the same friend who purchased the cover gave me one of the coolest Hulk gifts imaginable when he gave me the one-sheet that contains 4 different cover concepts, including the first time Paul drew the close up image of Hulk’s face and fist smashing Banner’s glasses. Thanks again Steve!

See below for the 635 cover prelim page and my favorite interior page in Paul’s run. I was able to buy this page from Paul’s art rep and feel very fortunate to have this in my collection.

Hey Marvel, bring Paul back to the Hulk book!
Pelletier worldbreaker Hulk Paul P cover sketches

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18 Responses to Paul Pelletier, where are you? If you are listening Marvel, bring Paul back to the Hulk!

  1. ratchet says:

    Yup – Pelletier is one of the best. I would love to see his return! I am glad Steve acquired the cover art… It should belong to one of the big five – as I call them 🙂

    • thejadegiant says:

      Agreed! Big 5? Sounds interesting … maybe a post coming?

      • petersaturday says:

        Pelletier was a great Hulk artist, reminded me of John Byrne a bit. What do you think of Leinil Yu? Not a huge fan but so far I like the latest Hulk book more storywise than I did the last year or so of Hulk. Fave Hulk artists? Byrne, Buscema, Keown, Millar, Ernie Chan…Pelletier is def in my top 10!

  2. joefixit2 says:

    Glad the one sheet was able to go to a good home!!!

    I wish Paul was back too but I think he is doing the Acquaman book at DC right now. The way he draws the Hulk puts him in my top 5 artists for sure. He is just massive.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Totally agree Paul is easily one of the best. Miss him on the Hulk book but at least we have a decent writer. Great website by the way.

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  5. thejadegiant says:

    @petersaturday: I like Yu’s art, that’s about it. I think he is an adequate artist for the book and much better than a lot of Hulk art over the years but as good as he is (and possibly a bigger name), he doesn’t hold a candle to Paul when it comes to drawing the Hulk. That’s no slam on Yu, rather it demonstrates how well Paul “gets” the visual essence of the Hulk. I actually preferred Yu’s art in the Ultimate story line vs Wolverine. To me, Paul is easily in the top five of any artists to draw the Hulk in recent history and top 10 all time.

  6. GreenScar1990 says:

    Paul Pelletier definitely needs to come back for Indestructible Hulk! He’s one of my all-time favorite Hulk artists… right up there with Dale Keown, Carlo Pagulayan, Sal Buscema and Gary Frank. His work on Aquaman is great! In fact, if it’s even possible, his artwork is better than ever! Marvel needs to bring Pelletier back for no less than 7 issues on Indestructible Hulk.

  7. Fred Chamberlain says:

    Marvel never capitalized on his skills to the degree that they would have benefited from. He had and should have remained on their top tier books. He was the best they had. I’m hoping that his departure from Aquaman will see him on a big title.

    • Agreed Fred – welcome to the site. I will always hold out hope that Paul will return to the Hulk title at some point down the road. C’mon Marvel – make it happen!

  8. wholecomics says:

    Who is Paul’s art rep? I need to get some!

  9. wholecomics says:

    Who is Paul’s art rep? I need to get some of his original art!

    • Paul doesn’t have a rep to my knowledge. If you want his art, there are 2 ways to get it: eBay and Florida cons in his area. He doesn’t do anything online and primarily does comic shows if they are in his local area (Florida somewhere). You will see some of his pages pop up on eBay that are sold through the LCS in his area. He will also do quick sketches if he attends a show. Good luck!

      • wholecomics says:

        Cool. Heroes Haven seems to have a lot of his stuff. I organize a small local con and would love to bring him in as a guest sometime, but I can’t find any decent contact info.

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