The Bowens are coming, the Bowens are coming!

BD Hulks are coming

The new Hulk statue from Bowen Designs (pictured left in the picture below) are starting to ship. Randy Bowen tweeted the picture above and as you can see, they are knee deep in Hulk statues for all the lucky collectors who ordered this web exclusive version of the statue. At least one of these has even showed up on eBay already for sale. This looks like a great bronze era representation of the Hulk with a strong mix of John Romita Sr. and Sal Buscema influence. I am very excited to add this to the shelf in the very near future. Full review coming upon arrival.

BD Hulks  2013

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2 Responses to The Bowens are coming, the Bowens are coming!

  1. joefixit2 says:

    Really like the color of the green skin on the variant, like the darker greem compared to the yellow-green of the regular statue.

    • thejadegiant says:

      Agreed, it is a nice change of pace. The warehouse picture looks to be a little darker than the other picture so I am curious what it will look like when it comes. I am hoping for a delivery early next week! Are you getting one?

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